How We Help

The Key Resale shop started with a commitment by our founders to support teachers and schools. What if our community had an effortless way to show that support? What if we could make a difference in schools while also making a difference for our families and our planet? A thrift shop enables us to transform the banal tasks of clothing our families, cleaning our homes and guarding our finances into the indispensable work of ensuring a good education for every child.

The Key will use a successful business model—the thrift store—and apply it to solve the stubborn problem of under-resourced public schools. A recent Charlotte Observer article stated that PTA money, "pays for carts full of electronics, spruces up mobile classrooms, funds school clubs and training courses for their teachers … These are the type of things that may once have been a part of a school’s budget but have fallen by the wayside as school districts allot less money toward instructional materials." To address this community need, The Key Resale Shop will resell the best goods to generate a profit, sell the remaining clothes in bulk, monetize useless hard goods by selling them for scrap and get the best profit for niche items through online auctions. The proceeds will then be pooled and distributed fairly to public schools. The model exists elsewhere and is successful. In Chapel Hill, NC, the PTA Thrift Shop has been in existence for 60 years. Wake Forest, NC, Ann Arbor, MI and Brunswick County, NC have also successfully instituted the model and there is even greater potential in a larger municipality like Charlotte.

The Key Resale Shop provides a rare opportunity to generate a triple bottom line: generating profits, solving a community problem and reducing environmental damage. It is performance, people and planet all in one!